Sunday, October 22, 2006

the attraction let down


i read that and my heart sank a bit. i acutally kind of thought he was attractive. not that i would ever do anything about it. but you know the type. you see someone that makes you look twice and you cant help but dream up some amazing love story and just let it steep in your head. it seems nice and innocent. but when i saw that book. it stopped. abruptly. it even made a slight squealing sound.

i was begining to wonder if he was gay. i tend to be attracted to gay men. its less painful..less involved. ive ran into him several times...but now the puzzle was put together and im not going to spray it with adhesive and adhere it to felt and hang it on my wall.....ill take that fucking puzzle apart and put it back in the box on the shelf next to the last two.

i like that are like puzzles...once you put them all together they aren't fun anymore....some are nice to hang on to once you put them together...but it takes the mystery out.

i cant stop listening to camera makes my brain twinge with happiness....i fucking love it